13 THINGS.....

As I was cleaning the kitchen last night, I shuddered at the thought of cleaning the doors and handles of my refrigerator. It is COVERD with children's crafts, artwork, photos and fun stuff that people in my life have gifted or sent in the mail.
But then I got to thinking......
What would I like to see on my refrigerator that is not already there?
So, this is my list of 13.
1. The smiles on the faces of my children.
2. The feeling of cool air on my skin.
3. My love of God.
4. The smell of a fire burning.
5. The sound of Leigh M. McCluskey's laughter.
6. The memory of a loved one.
7. Mr. Liquid's shadow with laundry detergent in his hands.
8. An everlasting rainbow.
9. A hand written note to me from Angelina Jole'.
9. A reminder card for an appointment with Dr. Gordon.
10. My car keys.
11. A chunk of the Berlin Wall.
12. A piece of fried chicken from Rittman, Ohio.
13. A utility bill that I need to walk over and deliver to Amias.
If you'd like to share your 13....
post a comment, rather spill a drink, leaving a link to your blog
so we can all take a look at
what's on your 'fridge!


74WIXYgrad said...

The chicken wouldn't be too hard to get, however unless it was delivered by one who didn't like chicken, all that would be left by the time it got to Mississippi would be bones.

Chelle said...

Ok chick-a-dee, this was very enlightening and makes me gointo deep thought about my 13 things I would want on my fridge.
Checkit out at http://chelleysu.blogspot.com/

Frasypoo said...

If you are ever in Alabama,you have got to try the fried chicken in any of the small mom and pop places.It is to die for !!!!
I love Louis Armstrong singing"Its a wonderful world".
Love your list,I am more of a in the fridge person so I would love tos ee my fridge stocked with food that hubby and his kids love!!

Pilgrim said...

The winning Superball ticket to give all the things on everybdy's lists and still have money left over for a bucket of that fried chicken.

~gkw said...

LOL, We want superbowl tickets to watch our COWBOYS or world series tickets whenever the Braves get in again!! I guess I'm asking for a lot there! Or fridge is already covered with lots of love from all three of our girls! couldn't ask for much more!

74WIXYgrad said...

Okay...I have my list up now.

Bella said...

Unfortunately, I don't want anything on my fridge. Too much of a neat freak. Not that I can't come up with a list of 13...

Sandy Carlson said...

My fridge is like a tree. Slice through it crossways and you can read my daughter's bio!

1. Camp crafts
2. Magnetic poetry with a line about dancing in a cloud
3. A cross-stitch pumpkin from my second mom
4. A souvenir from the Rockwell Museum
5. Emergency numbers for the babysitters we never hire
6. Melted bead crafts that curl because I do it wrong
7. A calendar that never has all our stuff on it
8. A paper flower fairy
9. A magnet with the pediatrician's number
10. A magent holding three pens somehow
11. A Christmas tree made of jigsaw puzzle peaces and glitter
12. A grab-bag gift--yet another magnet
13. A souvenir from Hawaii--yes, a magnet shaped like a hibiscus

Gifts to the kid over the years!

Liquid said...

I just love them all!