I wanted to ask each of you
....and you KNOW who you are....
to say a special prayer for a dear friend of mine.
AMIAS, and her husband Robert are moving today.
They are down-sizing to help prepare them for retirement and well, I wouldn't know for sure but I would imagine that might be a little emotional for several reasons, and it is most certainly a physical challenge no matter how little you lift.
So, if you would, please ask for them, peace of heart and physical protection.
I also asked God this morning to bless the new home that they are moving into.
Hey, who couldn't use that!
AMIAS and her husband plan to move once more, in less than 2 years, to Mississippi.
For AMIAS, it will be returning home and I just cannot WAIT for her to get here!



74WIXYgrad said...


Amias is one whose work I've only glanced at and even though she's not had the impact on me that she's had on you, I figured her impact on you has had an impact on your impact on me.

I have prayed for both Mr. and Mrs. Amias, and I have also prayed for you.

It's because of all the links we have that our corner of the blogosphere is strong.

Liquid said...

Thank you, WIXY, you are sooooo right!

~gkw said...

You got it girl....

Liquid said...

'Preciate it!

Amias said...

My beloved friend .. all I can say is thanks, and to be honest you have made a great impact on me and my family --- you have a heart of gold. The move went a little hard, and I have to get use to living in a box, but it's worth it.

I thank you all for sending prayers our way, because we old folks sure do need them. Wow, the older you get the harder it is to move --- i want my youth back! LOL ...

Liquid said...

Granted. But you'll have to re spend it with ME chasing boys and butterflies in Mississippi. lol