Yup, I think this will be my Christmas Card for this year.
One of them, anyway!


rdl said...

i like it!
is it still hanging outside from last yr. like at my house? :D

Sandy Carlson said...

Very cool.

Reminds me of a special bulb a friend had. It was lavender. The only guy in the world with a lavender light bulb on his Christmas tree. Will you sell your cards? I would love to buy them.

Hale McKay said...

That would be a nice Christmas card, for sure. It is like those Kim Anderson (?) pictures with the little boy and girl in B&W with pastel tints.

Thanks for the comment on my "Rednecks In Space" post.

Since you liked that one - I just put up another that could be considered a companion post titled Star Truckin': The Redneck Generation.

Yes, it is a spoof of the Star Trek franchise.

Chelle said...

I will be waiting by the mailbox to get this Christmas card!

Liquid said...

RDL: Sort of.....lol.....it was taken down at the pond house. :)-

Sandy: Oh how funny, yup I like that....a man with lavendar christmas lights!
Yes, I will sell cards again this year. They come in boxes of twelve. I will post a selection of choices and I will mix and match per your request.
They are printed on high quality paper and hand signed (<-like that matters....dur!) and sell for $10.00 a box, plus shipping and handeling.
Stay tuned! :)

Hale: Thank you kindly, sir! Yeah, I isolate color and play with black and whites that way alot. Love my Photoshop 7.0!

Chelle: And you KNOW you are on my list! (wink!) Found them down at Mamaw Iva Lee's and Bluford's little house at the pond. Thought you might appreciate that!

Paula said...

Fabulous idea for a card.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.x