This information came to me anonymously via commentary......I found it wonderfully interesting and informative so here's the latest "Down-Low" on not driving if you've been drinking! Thank you, Anonymous, for this information. God Bless YOU!

#Taxi is OK. I've used it. But the time it takes to get through (if you actually do get through to a taxi company) is too long. They make you press a lot of buttons on your phone or go through a dozen or more voice prompts. A much better FREE alternative is 310-TAXI (310-8294) and it doesn't cost you a dime. In fact there is absolutely no charge that shows up on your cell phone bill AT ALL! Unlike #Taxi, that doesn't even tell you that they're going to charge your cell phone bill - WITHOUT your permission. A young person has a short attention span. I know, I am one. I want my taxi service now and I don't think I should have to spend my hard earned money I make at Burger King on cell phone charges that I didn't authorize or know about. So tell your friends about 310-TAXI. It's better, faster and BEST OF ALL ITS ABSOLUTELY FREE.

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