Your Birthday Star:
Your birthday star is in the constellation Eridanus.
It is called 58 Eridani in the Historia Cœlestis Britannica of John Flamsteed and Edmund Halley.
It is called NS 0447-1656 in the NSta database.
It has visual magnitude 5.47 meaning that you could just see this star with the naked eye under the best viewing conditions.
It is marked in the center of this star chart, at celestial coordinates (J2000 equinox):
Right ascension

This star is 43.4 light years away, which means that the light we see from it today set off on its journey at about the same time that you were born. Come back in a month or two and your birthday star may change, as the light from more distant stars reaches Earth.

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QUASAR9 said...

lol liquid,
I thought you were going to say the light took as long to reach us as it took you to reach this day
This birthday!

Just think we could literally be starlight shining here on earth