I am honored to receive this nomination! I received it from another gal-pal blogger who is soooooooooo incredibly talented! I take the time now to nominate my choices for rockin' blogger girl!~
liquidplastic (More than a poet, more than a friend. With deepest respect, a woman who's no longer holding it within!)
card making and me... (An artist who perfects "something old, something new" with her personalized card making!)
chromed curses (One hot and bothered, sweet beotch!)
when I grow up (The life and loves of a wonderful woman!)


rdl said...

THank you, thank you , thank you!! :D

Tassycrafty said...

Thank you! I didnt even thing that my cards represent something old, something new but this is so true. I love vintage, plus the modern style in cardmaking, so I end up in an amalgamation of both!You go, you rock!