Why do you watch
As my tears slowly fall?
Why do you care
If their there at all?

Who really cares
What I feel?
Love me.
Drug me.
With just one more pill.

So you think you know
What stirs in my head?
What if I told you
That I wished you were dead?

In my mind
By a dim blue light
I slit your throat
You were too drunk to fight.

Your blood was so red
Yet my hands were both clean.

At that time
My mind and my soul
Held nothing between.

I eased to the floor
For what seemed like hours.
Ten minutes passed
Then a knock on our door.
I was sure you'd sent flowers.

I tried to rise
But could not stand.
Opened my eyes
Then realized....
I'd been in a sweet dream land.


Anonymous said...

A mind is intangible yet what comes from it is the beginning of the tangible.

iamnasra said...

The poem refelct the agony...you stop to breathe for the feeling are too intense