I am my worst enemy,
Yet my only companion.
I lie here in endless disconsolation.
Waiting for you to save me.
Your perfect face blinds me.
Your beauty is too bright for my eyes.
It hurts me
To look at you.
But I can't seem
To turn my head
Away from you.
I called you over to me.
I have nothing to say.

Choke me.
Take me,
My life
Into your hands.
And when I depart from this earth
I will haunt you
With memories of our past.

I once knew a little girl
Who liked to play with fire.
I remind me of her.
What's left for me to do here?
Except be pretty
And play with your balls.

Goodbye now
You cruel psycho
That dares to stare back at me
In the haze of my mirror.

I am ready to go now.
I've been dead inside for days now.

Think I'll just go get a "Fish Box" instead!

1 comment:

Heidi said...

Whoa. I am touched by so many things on this page. How does one express the mind picture/thoughts evoked? I'd say it's a delightful parade for my eyes. Yet there is so much sadness here, sadness and pain. Touched is the only word I know.