Oh, the memories of summer
Mine, held fast.
The sweet smell of coconut, still lingers in the air.
The sweat, the steam.
Our hearts opened, words pouring from our mouths.
Conversation, at last!

Ever so fading, th color is now draining.
Life and death, dance together.
My heart feels cold.
Something was left, undone.

My mind, my soul.
What's left I shall unfold.

Would you like to take a peek?
Do you really care to see?
What is left of what you made of me.

If so,
Be still,
Be quiet.
Hide patiently from me.

I am running now.
I pass you by.
Chillingly, I catch a glimpse of you from the corner of my eye.
Run after me.
Catch me.
Pull me to the ground.
I'd let you.

Reach for your knife, we know the one.
Grasp it gently with your strong hands.
Hold me down.......harder!
Then carve at me softly, as you please.

Take a close look.
What is it that you see?
Tell me....
How do I differ from the furry ones?
The slimey ones?
The featherd ones?

Does my blood not flow the same?
It's color...not dark enough for your taste?
Or was it the kill?
Below or demeaning your level of skill?
Too easy?
Or was it not "FUN" enough for you?

I know that my ears are uneven.
That my skin is not flawless.
Or was it simply what you saw when you opened me?
Tell me...something....try to explain!
Why am I not hanging with your other trophies against your walls?

Was I....
Too old?
Too dull?

Asshole, I loved you.

I was merely a woman who wanted so much to feel.
I no longer "long" for that....still.

I wish you not,
Because I forgot
The feeling you gave....the depths of numb.
I hear that you are a "Bottom Feeder" now.
It sucked you down.
I pray more for you still.

But back to then....

Reach for your kife,
Yeah, duh!
The same one.....
Now grasp it tightly with your anger,
Show me your tears.
Carve at me again, and again.
Do not look away from me.
I need to see you, all of you.
I'm swimming in the depths of your icey blue eyes.

I hunger for the sound of your laughter.
Laugh for me one more time.
At me.
At anything.
Contageously, it soothes me.

Watch me then, as my eyes slowly shut.
Borderd with red, yet you barely cut!

Kiss my eyelids.
Then pull away as you ponder my slight smile.
I need to feel, once more, the warmth of my tears.
As they fall, intermingling with yours,
Recreating the depths of my soul.
That's where LiQuiD was born.

Needing to see.
Needing to feel
The warmth of my blood ooze,
Then pour,
Over my now cold flesh.

LiQuiD....loving you, still.

You have carved me so beautifully.
Oh my,
With such skill.

I feel pretty now.
Fuck you.
Fuck me.
Where the world can now see.

On my deathbead.

1 comment:

Liquidplastic said...

This gave me chills, and it made me feel things so deep it's scary and yet, refreshing ... yes, carving can be quite useful to and for "Bottom Feeders". Bravo!

Now, I am ready --- cut me open some more, I can take it. Thank you.