Felt Like Playing Tag.....

I was visiting my favorite Blog yesterday "Liquid Plastic" and thought it might be interesting to follow lead. So, here goes.....

Seven Things I Plan To Do Before I Die:

1. Go to South Africa and meet Anthea.
2. Have a "Strobe Light" installed in my bathroom.
3. See my grandchildren born.
4. Get back in shape...tone these muscles!
5. Live next door to my brother and his family.
6. Forgive myself.
7. Become a part of something I truly believe in.

Seven Things I Can Do:

1. Smile
2. Be a great mommy.
3. Whip out fantastic hair color.
4. Open and close a gate.
5. Help others feel comfortable and important.
6. Snap an interesting photograph.
7. Jump out of an airplane....with glee.

Seven Things I Can't Do:

1. Scuba Dive.
2. Cure myself.
3. Snow-ski.
4. Seem to understand Richard.
5. Have blonde hair.
6. Hate (anyone or anything).
7. Fake an orgasm.

Seven Things That Attract Me To Another Person:

1. Nice smile.
2. Sense of humor.
3. Ability to be "themselves" (No matter what)
4. Mysterious eyes.
6. Tender heart.
7. Thoughtful usage of unspoken talents.

Seven Things I say Most Often:

1. "Come See..."
2. "I Love You..."
3. "What did you say...?"
4. "In a minute...."
5. "That's funny..."
6. "Fuck you...(under my breath)"
7. "Take a number...(and please be seated)"

Seven People I Plan To Do This Blogger Game:

1. Amias, you're right, all my connections have been tagged! I'll keep searching though!
AH HA! I just tagged the SCRIBE!


THE SCRIBE said...

I like you blog. You take awesome pictures. Maybe I can use one for one of the poems I write? I'll post one. Ya, check back, I'll always be giving to this blog, so come back if you want more. I want to be known as having the number one blog ever and I think I have some competition. Pass the word about my blog and I'll do the same for you. Feel free to put a link on your blog(of my blog).

Anonymous said...

Kiss Jeremy? He's waiting, and waiting, and waiting.