Tribute To Eighteen Wheels~

The photos below are from my journey out west on a "Big Rig" delivering close to 50,000 lbs of cattle to a feed lot ranch in Dalhart, Texas. I must add that it was an incredible experience and I now have a new respect for truck drivers and the loads they carry! So next time you're on the interstate and you pass an eighteen wheeler, simply consider the fact that behind you, in front of you, both coming and going, there exsist a world beyond most comprehension. A ring of friendships, reputations, language, devotion and determination. Give a "honk" and a friendly wave to them. It certianly does help break up the monotomny of forever foreward!
Hats off to all you "Drivers". I'll be giving a double HONK and a pull of my arm upward/downward. I do so love the sound of a Big Rigs' horn! Wink!

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