In life,

we generally meet people that either

ravage our soul or fill it with love.

Its been difficult

(stubborn girl)

but I am trying to recognize it's


whom I allow into my world;

soul eaters or loving people.

One would think this is something I would have learned in grade school.

But, apparently there are many like myself that tenaciously hold on to those rose colored glasses.

Sounds like an honorable trait but beware – people like us must be especially wary of the charming fa├žade of the soul eaters.

And as my friends,

I would consider it an act of love

were you to remind me to remove those

damn rose-colored glasses

should any of you see them re-appear on me.

Thank you each.



Ghost Dansing said...

veins leaves spirit bloodied..... beautiful picture.... my favorite version

Anonymous said...

Such a good reminder. Sometimes I let those soul suckers into my life and then wonder why I feel so drained.

SandyCarlson said...

Know what you mean, Liquid! Wolves come prowling around because they're hungry. How is it we forget this? I don't know. I guess it's hard to believe some people have creepy souls.

L J Malonson said...

This is where you take the "spillage", and remember that it is just "spillage" from the shadows of your life.

Soul eaters are a necessary part of life; we all eat souls even if it's our own. Without rose colored glasses this world would be so ugly I could not bear it ... being a black woman in a white world, I can only see this from my perspectives, the majority of the time.

So my public "spillage" to you is ... to save your soul from being eaten... "eat it first", that way there will be nothing left for anyone to feast on --- but then again, if you didn't have a soul worthy of eating, you would not have the talents worthy of being praised.

It is the pain that makes us strong, for joy keeps us in a state of denial that there is such a thing as pain.

Much love to you my little sister, as a “crone” I would not lead you astray, nor steer you wrong.


Chelle said...

I will remind you over and over again girl.....but, it's so easy to see only the good in people and forget that there are those soul eating people out there....
Missed seeing you around these parts but I know what was going on so I understand.
OH, and HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Struke said...

Suzanne...well put. Being picky about who we let in our life is tough. We can't be too restrictive or else we might not let someone in our life who truly should be there. And it's tough dealing with those who zap our emotions. The thing I am amazed at is how those emotion-sucking people, many times, don't realize what they do to people. They are so blind by their own selfishness.

rdl said...

Hope this finds you well! Happy belated birthday - when was it? mine was yesterday. 2 leos in a pod. :D

Panaderos said...

Very well said. Don't worry. Will certainly help the others remind you if you need to give those rose-colored glasses a much-needed break.

Take care always my friend. :)

Gadfly said...

Yeah. Always a fine line between leaving yourself open to abuse and hardening yourself beyond repair o_O

74WIXYgrad said...

There are some who look at the world through rose colored glasses and let whomever in.

There are also those who look at the world through crap colored glasses. Those folks think they are doing the world a favor by letting us all know their unique view.

There are also those who don't wear glasses to look at the world. They just go about their way. These folks are well rounded, but boring.

Biggest problem with the rose colored glasses is how often and how long to wear them. If you wear them too often and long, you end up getting hurt. If you wear the crap colored glasses, you end up hurting others.

Wear the rose colored glasses, but wear them in moderation.

Utah Savage said...

I was raised by the Queen of the Soul Eaters. I picked no one who wasn't just like my mother. When she died I was released from this spell. Now I let no one in unless I've known them nearly all my life, and if I perchance discover that they once ate their own young, like my mother--I gut them from my life. Dead to me forever. Odd how many friends have survived this scrutiny. Mostly female, I have to admit.

I've missed you.

fishing guy said...

Liquid: What an interesting post with such an unusual image. Thanks for sharing your inner feeling.

Daisy said...

It is very difficult to be open to allowing new people in your life when someone you have trusted in the past has proved to be untrustworthy.

This is not to say you can never take the chance to allow another new person in. It is just to say you must learn from the past.

Be cautious, but don't forget how important love and friendships are in our lives.

Liquid said...


That hurt............but........thank you Dawn!