I have been at a stand-still for so long,

I am not sure where I am headed anymore.

You cannot begin a new chapter of your life

until an old one ends.

I am ready, oh soooo ready,

but am paralyzed by the legalities of divorce.

My heart is huge,

my dreams, even bigger.

May 13, 2008,


Hurry up!

And even then,

it is just another date

to begin to wait.


74WIXYgrad said...

And we are all here waiting with you. In the meantime have a flame broiled whopper.

Liquid said...

Funny you mentioned having a flame broiled whopper, our Burger King burnt to the ground Sunday night.

{{{And you know there is only ONE Burger King in Podunk Hollow}}}

Think I'll have a Happy Meal instead. At least it comes with a TOY!

SandyCarlson said...

Great photo of a road that I hope will lead to a super sized Happy Meal full of dreams and fun.

Meanwhile, I'm throwing in my "grrrrrrr" so you know you're not alone!

Liquid said...

Thank you Sandy!

I know, without exactly KNOWING, that it will lead to happier days, full of wonderous things that do not involve him or any OTHER man!

I am ready to start living the incredible life I was headed into when I allowed him to derail me.

{{{{kicking my own ass, here}}}

I knew it was hard to make shit flies go away but, damn!!!

cathouse teri said...

*waiting for the helicopter to arrive*

Liquid said...

Cathouse Teri:

You thought I was kidding didn't you? lol

cathouse teri said...

Oh no! I'm sitting here waiting! Southern California is nothing to kid about! :)

Liquid said...

Well, then I'll throw a few things togeter so that the MOMENT this CRAP DUMP JOKE of a marriage is over.......Southern California, here we come!


ozymandiaz said...

if stand still you must
take time to appreciate
the path that has led here
know that everything
that happened to get you here
is what needed to happen to get you here
how many choices made
or not made
everything that has happened
for you to be who you are
needed to happen for you to be who you are
you are no mere speck
not inconsequential
You are the fulcrum of your perception
You are the center of the universe
Use it

ozymandiaz said...

or should I say

Liquid said...


I think I love you(r) mind!

Nit Wit said...

DUH, Waiting sucks, not to mention the expenses and trauma the lawyers and courts put you through.
I still have smoke coming out of my ears from reading ozymandiaz's first comment. Brain shutdown, overload.

Liquid said...

Nit Wit:

Between the lawyer(s), the PI's and the added video security around my family's property, you have no $$$$$$$$$ idea.

Best money my wonderful Daddy ever spent though!

And might I add a "Kali Bitch" {{{evil grin}}}!!

74WIXYgrad said...

Well then, I would say between those you can see(your local friends and family,) and those you can't(those of us in Bloggerita-ville, (copyright Liquid)), you have a great means of support.

Give your wonderful daddy a hug for all of us.

Chelle said...

Just remember "Good things come to those who wait" and you are definitely in line for some "Goooooood Things".
Hey, since my hometown podunk Burger King burned to the ground..you can come to Tennessee and visit my Burger King ...never mind, it is completely torn down and they are building a new one...give it about 2 months and then we shall go and have a "flame broiled whopper together"
Love ya girl...

Liquid said...


I gave him that hug for you to which he replied, "Thanks?"


You rock!

Liquid said...


Its a date!
Love you too girl!

Anonymous said...

Great photo of the road, and words of wisdom too.

Liquid said...


Thanks, I particularly liked the photo too and yes, great words in commentary, from Ozymandiaz!

And the others as well.
Ya'll help me keep my chin up!


Tassycrafty said...

That road has so many meanings!!!And I am sure your life is going to take a fantastic turn and I am with you , all the way!
hugs to you