I am in a wierd mood today. My mind is spinning and I am thinking about alot of stuff. Crazy stuff. I mean, things that have never caught my attention before are now taunting me with the question......WHY?

For example:

1) I just returned from the bank, which is obviously not open this early in the morning, where I went through the DRIVE thru ATM. Nothing really spectacular about that. It is a common event for most of us. But, I noticed something odd about the DRIVE thru ATM at my bank today. There, on the numerical keypad, is brail above the written numbers. WHY? Some one please help me with this one as I cannot for the life of me imagine why. It is a DRIVE thru ATM and not to be mistaken with the park and WALK up to ATM's which are located near the parking lot and attatched to the side of the very LARGE bank I use. Geeeeeze............If you can DRIVE, shouldn't you be able to see at least a foot in front (or to the side) of you?

2) Also, I wonder.....WHY beer does not come in an assortment of flavors? Say, like kool-aid and even water does these days. After I left the bank with my head tilted to the left, I wanted one. But I am not in the MOOD for the taste of beer. Yuck! So.........WHY NOT?

3) And finally............WHY in the hell is President Mahammoud Ahmadinejad even IN our country and WHO in the hell really wants to hear what he has to say? Oh yeah, and how sweet and thoughtful of him for wishing to visit the Memorial site at the World Trade Center. Imagine this......no one wants to accompany him so as to provide him security. Awwwwwwwwwwwww..........WHY?


Amias said...

Yes, I can feel your mood. First of all, it's a funny law that says all businesses have to accomandate the "handicap" .. or they will be open for a law suit, so the bank play games with it.

Second, if beer didn't taste like piss, the men wouldn't buy it ---smiling ...

Third, I don't know why, but if I had my way ... oh well, I can't say it, someone might turn me in for threaten a president!

The above opinions have been approved by me.

74WIXYgrad said...

I don't know about the taste, but I have heard that beer goes through you so fast because it doesn't need time to change color.

It would be funny though if someone would call the bank and tell them a word was misspelled on their braile instructions.

Amias said...

Ha ha ha .. the picture got me. It's the doll head upside down. I saw it, but didn't see it. Goes to show, if one don't pay attention to details one will lost the point!

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

So funny!
Of course there'd be a law about providing a blind "driver" to use the drive through.
Too many people making too many dumb rules, wastin' time we pay 'em for :(