This is Cliff. Pictured above in the photo on the top (on left) and at work in the photo on the bottom. He is a wonderful friend and a super blogger whom I admire and respect on so many levels. He is informative and kind. Cliff's comments on my blog are always a delight to read. His sense of humor is also part of the perfect packaging over at WIXY'S GONE BANANAS. Today we celebrate his one year anniversary as a Blogger. Please hop over to wish him well today! The following is my tribute to "Going Bananas".......Dig in and enjoy!


74WIXYgrad said...

Thank you Liquid.

Your photos are in the spirit of the 1973 radio promotion of WIXY/1260 in Cleveland- WIXY's gone bananas, join the bunch!

And in the next couple of days, as I go over my year in review I will be dwelling upon one of my best internet buddies, Liquid herself.


Come on over right now and meet my family.

Liquid said...