G . R . I . T . S .

Girls Raised In The South!

Just a funny idea that I had for T-Shirts.
Came to me in a dream last night.
Tell me what ya'll think.
Gotta call my printer today and get a few orderd for sale down at the "Wild Goldfish Store & Eatery".


rdl said...

Girl raised in North :D

MoonDanzer said...

Dear Liquid I am so pleased you dropped in on my site. As, I am a born and bred true blue sounthern gal too....I would love to have a t-shirt with this logo. I do so hope we can continue to keep in touch. I love your site, photography, and art. And, you excellellant taste in music as well.

Liquid said...


Wow! Thank you for the compliment and for stopping in. We'll stay close because I MUST send you a T-Shirt when they're ready! :)


See, you are soooo creative too. That explains your shy grin, eh? lol
Run with it gal'1