Mind Locks' Readers Review

Maggie Lee Scott Douglasville, Georgia~

As Rembrandt was with a brush in hand, is the talented pen of Amias in her first published book by the title of "Mind Locks".
In this book, Amias shares her views and vast knowledge in a very poetic manner. One can not define any style of the poems written in "Mind Locks", because Amias is not confine to one style.
When reading this book, one will smile, laugh, shed a few tears, learn, and reflect as the pages are turned. Poetically, this author takes a reader on a journey in the past, present, and future with many twists alone the way.

Maureen Bastardi Somerville, Massachusetts ~

"Mind Locks" is a very powerful book full of poetry that will burn memories into your soul. It will forever hold a special place on my shelf. "Never Again" and "Sisterhood" are my favorites.

Connie Marcum Wong Hawaii ~
{Author of “Island Creations” poetry collection}

Amias has the ability to see past the surface, delving deeply into the inner psyche. She uses all her experiences in life with a profound quality which shines brightly through her poetry. As in her acrostic poem "Con.ver.sa.tion" below, Amias reveals her joy of sharing conversation and how it relates to her poetry.Con.ver.sa.tion

Conveying thoughts into feelings
Ofentimes are quite revealing
Nothing is more fulfilling, as

Verbal tête-à-tête from willing
Eager minds sharing their joy
Reveling in visions from the heart

Sashaying around like a peacock
Attention to details never stops

Time is not relevant to the clock
In-depth musing always on top
Omnipresent conversation is there
Nudging silence out of everywhere

In her poem "In Appreciation of Self", Amias expresses candidly, her spiritual values of herself in this excerpt from this poem:“Until at last a still voice within my soul
whispers to me in a soothing voice
and with joy I hear...

“Be still and know you are god”

And I discover in wide-eyed wonder
that there are no beginnings
or endings to my life
--there is just life.

Mind Locks will take you on a captivating journey into Amias’ world and you will relate to her sorrow and her joy through profound words of veracity, sometimes shared with humor, but words that always reflect the beauty of life through the colors of reality. You won't be able to put it down.
I highly recommend this book to anyone who is seeking truth and wishes to explore the fascinating realm seen through the eyes of a wise woman who has lived her life through challenges and learned from them, and has come out on the other side with the grace that has made her one of the best new poets of today.

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